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Week One, Day 3: 30min Run + 30min Swim

Posted Dec 16 2009 3:00pm
Got up early this morning with Annie and went for a run. It was cold and wet and I really wanted to stay in bed but as usual we got up and ran!
The training plan calls for me to do 30 minutes at an easy RPE 2 pace. I did some stretching and when I walked out the door my legs just felt like crap. In particular my knees. This is the first time since my 50K trail race that I have ran on concrete and not a treadmill. I learned, rather quickly, that I am not completely recovered yet. As a matter of fact, I am far from recovered!

Over the 30 minute run my distance covered was only 2.8 miles. That is a pace of around 10:40/mile on completely flat sidewalks. That is a slower pace than when I first began running. The problem isn't that I was running slow. It was that was as fast as I could go without pain. I was hopefully as my body warmed up my legs/knees would loosen up but that was not the case. My options now are to take a few days off from running or just keep running slow and let myself bounce back that way. According to my training plan I am supposed to get an hour run in tomorrow. As I sit here right now I am unsure on what I am going to do?

In order to help with recover I have upped my daily protein intake substantially since last week. When I was doing P90X my daily diet breakdown was 40% Protein/40% Carbs/20% Fat. I maintained these ratios for most of the year. Then I started doing the marathon training and was burning tons of calories (and energy) so I changed the ratio to 60% Carbs/20% Protein/20% Fat. Since last week I have been consuming 2 scoops of Whey Protein (48G) and Recoverite after each workout. Recoverite also has 3G of glutamine, which helps with joint soreness.

After work this afternoon I went to the gym and got in the 30 minute swim. I practiced the first four drills from "The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD". I did about 500 meters worth of drills and then tried to work them into my stroke for the rest of the swim. I did 4x75 at a warm up RPE2 and then did 2x400 at RPE3. My cool down was a very easy 2x50. My totals were about 1900 meters today. The drills focused on balance and swimming on your side and I felt like they really helped! My workout after doing the drills felt much more smoother than usual. So far I am digging this DVD.

Tomorrow's only workout is the 1 hour run at an RPE 2 or 3 pace. I am going to try and use some heat on my knees tonight. I have been using ice and the results have been crappy as described in today's run! See if the heat will help? As I was typing this I decided if I can't run then I will ride the trainer instead and swap out the Sunday long ride with a run. And as I think about it more, when healthy, the run is my strongest sport anyways so it isn't like it will hurt my conditioning to ride instead!

Thanks for Reading,

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