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Water Bottles vs Drinking Fountains

Posted Sep 13 2010 11:00am


It happens at the gym. It happens on the seawall running path. I’m sure it must happen other places, too.

What is the deal with people taking FOREVER to fill up their HUMONGOUS water bottles at the drinking fountain anyway? Buy Klean Kanteen

Why? When there’s a perfectly good sink usually within 10 steps of the fountain?

It doesn’t even make sense.

It’s awkward …

… it’s slow …

… it’s inconsiderate to others waiting to take a quick sip between sets …

… it’s totally unnecessary!

That’s all I want to know …


I explain my frustration in more detail here

Buy Klean Kanteen Of course, I do use a water bottle sometimes … like at the beach or in the car or when I’m working out outdoors and there isn’t a water fountain nearby.

But I don’t drink out of those nasty plastic jobs. I got myself a couple of good quality, stainless steel “ Klean Kanteen ” water bottles.

Sure, they cost a couple of extra bucks, but they’re totally worth it to know you’re not polluting your water with the crap that leeches out of those plastic bottles

… and the water tastes better, too. Who likes the taste of water that comes out of a plastic bottle … especially one that’s been sitting in the sun for any length of time? BLECH!

STOP DRINKING PLASTIC!! Do yourself a favour and grab a good quality stainless steel bottle here ==> Klean Kanteen

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.


Get A Flat Stomach

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