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Vegetarian Bodybuilders Wanted

Posted Apr 21 2009 12:00am

If you are a vegetarian strength athlete, a vegetarian tri-athelete or just your average run of the mill vegetarian who enjoys lots of energy and a lean, strong physique, and have happened across this web site, then I want to be the first to welcome you!

Total Physique Online prides itself in offering the best information available in order to help people from all walks of like gain the most out of your strength training and/or fitness programs. As of late, I have become more interested in getting some input from my Vegetarian Bodybuilders out there.

I have created a new Vegetarians Category with the hope of gleaning some wisdom from folks that have gotten some great health benefits from either complete vegetarian diets, or partial vegetarian diets. This comment thread will be a place where you can share your experience and dietary secrets that allow you to build strong, solid muscle while observing some version of the vegetarian lifestyle.

Mind you, this is not a forum for political activism. I review all comments before approving them, and any political speeches will be destined for the dung heap of Spam Hill. That said, if you can appreciate the freedoms we all enjoy and can view this is a wonderful forum where you can help others learn about the health benefits of your lifestyle choice, please contribute! We need your wisdom.

Keep in mind that there are lots of bodybuilders and other strength athletes out there that might be willing to give Vegetarianism a try if you can jus show us how to meet our strength training goals using your profound insights and wisdom.

Have at it and Godspeed.

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