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Using a Calculator to Determine Your Next Program

Posted May 23 2009 10:00pm
"I have been doing your workout and the same exercises listed for about 5 weeks now. I have been switching up the order, but is it time I get a new workout? Should I stick with pyramid style, and should I do some of the same exercises or just substitute a few of them?"

Thanks again for helping,
Nick Ponte

My Answer: Nick, if you did a search on my blog, then you'd find that I recommend 5x5 after the pyramid program. Yes, switch to a different workout. No, don't stick with the pyramid training. Do completely different exercises.

An easy way to figure out how to move from program to program is add up all the reps in the workout. If the rep totals are high, then switch to a program with lower rep totals. If your totals are low, then switch to a program with a higher rep total.

The Hypertrophy Training for Ectomorphs program has a total of 39 reps per body part (10+8+6+15=39). With 6 body parts per workout, that's 234 reps per workout.

The 5x5 program has a total of 25 reps per body part. If you did 6 body parts per workout, then that would be 150 reps per workout. That's a 35% drop in training volume, which means the 5x5 program serves as a good follow-up to the pyramid program.
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