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US Pets getting obese like their masters.

Posted Feb 28 2011 10:59pm

Its bad enough that Americans with obesity and weight related diseases are on the rise, now a published study by the Association for Pet obesity Prevention (APOP) found that 53% of cats and 55% of dogs were overweight or obese. This study was conducted over a 4 year time frame, looking at 133 adult cats and 282 dogs. In terms of stats, we are looking at 50 million cats and 43 million pleasantly plump pets. Dr. Erie Ward, who is the founder of APOP says we are seeing a record level of obesity in pets ,that we have never seen before. Our pets are following suit to their masters! Although they are doing slightly better than their masters!

This obesity problem means disaster of the pets health, as we can expect to see a rise in arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease and diabetes. The same maladies that affects humans.

Interesting enough in 2007 the pet obesity issue was statistically less than today. Only 19% cats and 10% dogs were classified as obese.   I believe the problem comes down to snacks that pets are eating. Most of the junk at the pet stores is calorically rich. For example my 20 pound Pug should consume no more than 400 calories per day. His high protein organic dog food , rationed at 2/3 cup total per day renders 350 calories. This means his snack should be not exceed 50 calories.  A couple of dog biscuits would keep him in the zone, but if I decided to feed him scraps from the dinner table he would be in obesity trouble.  I’m sure that pet owners who are not health conscious are the culprits in the recent escalation of pet obesity in America. A classic example of how misery loves company.  Very sad…

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