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Two Simple Steps to Guide You How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted Oct 01 2010 12:36am

How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
All too often, many of us decide that we are going to go on a diet and lose a specific amount of weight, only to quickly backslide and never reach the goals we set. Why does this happen, anyway? Well, for one thing, many of us set goals that are way too high to ever achieve, and when we don’t achieve these goals, we get frustrated and toss the diet plan right out the window. Please read below to know about easy steps you can follow to help you long way in your weight loss goals.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

It is important that if you start a diet for weight loss, you set goals that are easily attainable. For example, if you are extremely obese, do not set a goal of losing more than 100 pounds in less than a year. This doesn’t usually happen, and when it does, it is because the dieter used a diet plan that was restrictive, and once off the diet, the weight slowly creeps back, plus a little extra for good measure.

Instead of setting a goal for your complete weight loss, set smaller goals that you can easily reach within a few weeks. In the beginning, set a goal of losing five or ten pounds in a couple of weeks. Once you have lost this weight, set a goal to lose the same amount, or 20 pounds in a month. Be realistic, and don’t think that you are going to lose all of the weight overnight just because you are on a diet and exercising. It takes time, so don’t give up. Persevere with your diet and exercise plan, and you will notice that you are becoming slimmer and healthier every day.

Get Help from a Physician, Dietitian or Nutritionist

If you are going to start any type of diet plan, it is important to discuss it with a professional first. This means a visit to your physician, or to a dietitian or nutritionist. You may have health conditions that require you to eat specific foods that can not be eliminated from your diet, even if they are high in fat or carbohydrates, and a professional will know how to create a diet plan for you that will help you lose weight while maintaining good health.

It is easy to stick to a diet and exercise plan when you are seeing results, and you will see results, as long as your diet goals are realistic. For additional weight loss incentive, set small goals, and each time you succeed, put a little bit of money in a jar. Once you have lost the weight, you will be proud for having accomplished your goals and have some money for a new wardrobe to match your new body.
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