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Try Aqualates For Toning in the Pool

Posted by Julie M.

Now that it's summer many of us are heading to the local pool for exercise and relaxation. While swimming laps is the obvious choice, you can use the built-in buoyancy of the water to do some toning exercises, known in health clubs across the country as Aqualates. If your club doesn?t offer Aqualates classes, you can always try these lower-body move on your own. Stand in waist-deep water with your heels together and toes apart, making a V with your feet. Gently bend your knees as far as you comfortably can and then rise onto the balls of your feet. Hold for several seconds and then repeat. Try standing with your legs together and make small circles with one leg, toes pointed, first in one direction, then the other while keeping your hips facing forward. Also, you can lift one leg to the side, again with toes pointed, then tap it against the toes of the opposite, standing leg, and repeat on the other side. Last, stand with your feet in a V, bend your knees and hop in the water, landing with your feet in the same position. For all of these exercises, try to do two sets of eight to ten repetitions, and hold your abs in and keep your back straight, shoulders down.
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There's nothing better than working out in the water. I never realized how effective it was until I figured out that I was starving after spending time in the pool. So, I started paying attention and I realized - wait, a minute - there must be something to this water resistance thing. And sure enough... Think about it - there are several pounds of water in a pool. And when you push your body through all that water, it may not feel like it initially, but your muscles are working hard to push it out of the way. Summer time is the reason we put on a bikini - a pool can help get us in shape for one.
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