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Triathlon Training Day 61, 62, & 63: Vacation Travel

Posted Jun 20 2009 11:04pm
Hello everyone!

Annie and I are sitting in a Marriott Courtyard Hotel in eastern North Carolina. We will get up early tomorrow and end up at our final vacation destination of the Outer Banks after a short 4 hour drive. Many of you might be thinking 4 hours is not a short drive --- Well, after we just completed a 20 hour drive, 4 hours is nuttin!

We left Houston on Friday night at 8pm and drove straight through the night and day. It really wasn't all that bad. We are listening to a John Grisham book on CD and we packed a cooler.

As for my training: Thursday and Friday were completely wasted days. I spent Thursday and Friday tying up loose ends at work. Also, my tooth pain was still hurting even after I had the filling replaced. I went and saw another Doctor buddy of mine and he did a pano on me and we discovered the pain is coming from my lower right wisdom tooth. It has a nasty cavity in it and is resting right against the nerve, thus causing all the pain in my lower jaw. My problem was that I was leaving on Friday and couldn't get it removed. He gave me some penicillin and Vicodin and told me to use when needed. He is going to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth on July 13th and I am hopeful I can recover in time for my August 2nd Triathlon.

Anyways, after my 20 hours car ride Annie and I found two treadmills at the hotel and got in a run. My legs were feeling pretty tight from sitting so long so I just did 2 miles. The first mile was done in 8:13 and the second mile was completed in 7:23.

This week on vacation I am planning on training everyday. Swimming in the ocean, running along the beach, and biking on the trails is going to be my relaxation and i cannot wait. And Nutrition-wise we are planning on eating clean. I brought my whey protein and protein bars for the entire week.

We are off to get some dinner and then to bed.

Thanks for Reading,

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