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Triathlon Training Day 33: 1250 Yard Swim + Ab Ripper X

Posted May 21 2009 11:17pm
Whew ... I am TIRED right now! Just got back from doing 50 laps at the pool. This was by far my best day swimming to date. I planned on doing 40 laps but just kept on going after I hit that number. If I wasn't so hungry I probably could have done 60 or more. For some reason my Total Immersion technique just clicked today. I took one, 1 minute break after lap 20 and did some deep yoga breathes but that was it for the day as far as rests went! I never thought that I would be ready for the swim portion of the Triathlon this quickly. I believed that the swimming was going to be the most difficult part and it probably would have been if Boomer would not have recommended the book, "Total Immersion". This book has made the swimming so enjoyable - thanks Boomer!

I also did Ab Ripper X at the gym today. I really turned up the intensity with ARX today and got a great burn. I lost count but I am guess I was around 450 total reps.

One quick story about an annoying lady today: I was in the back of the gym on a yoga mat doing the ARX. During the Mason Twists I decided to use a small medicine ball for added resistance (highly recommended!). So I am sitting there with my legs up just grunting away and this woman, 45 ish, walks over and just stands in front of me and is staring like she really wants to get my attention. Well, I have my head down and I am on about rep 10 or so. She is beginning to annoy me so I look up at her (first mistake) without stopping and she says, "What ya doing?" Being that I am sort of an asshole I do not respond. She does not take the hint and then says, "Boy that looks hard!". Now at this point I am at about rep 40 and really want to stop but if I do I may be forced to have a conversation so I continue. She finally realizes that I am not in a talkative mood and says, " cya" and leaves. Now I could have stopped and talked but I was at the end and really doing well and just wanted to get my work in. So, the point I am trying to get across here is if you see someone working out wait until they are finished to have a conversation - this is why I tried to avoid the gym at all costs.

Cycle in the morning!

Thanks for Reading,

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