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Triathlon Training Day 3: Swimming 500 Meters and Core Synergistics

Posted Apr 22 2009 12:24am
I got home from swimming and I am whipped out! Man, it just killed me. My shoulders and legs just feel beat down. I am going to have to adjust my schedule because their is no way I can do Core Synergistics today also! Maybe on my Swim days I can do ARX?

The good news is that the reason I am so tired from my swim is that I did pretty good in the pool today. My freestyle stroke is getting much more consistent and my breathing is taking less effort. I have discovered that I am very comfortable turning my head up to the left hand side to breathe. Which is a little odd since I am right-handed, but oh well, whatever works right? By the time I hit my 20 th lap today I was very winded! My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest!! I still wasn't able to freestyle the entire distance. I did like a freestyle crawl type thing every 5 th or 6 th lap. On Friday, hopefully it will be every 7 th or 8 th lap and so on and so forth everytime I go swimming.

The thing that is cool to me right now is that for the first time since I started swimming I actually believe that I am going to do the swim portion of the triathlon and be okay. The first time I hit the pool I believed this to be impossible, but I keep improving each time out and am becoming more confident.

I was thinking about possibly doing a cycle-run brick (13.8M Cycle + 5K run) on Saturday just to see how I handle it. The NFL Draft, which is like Christmas morning to me, is now starting at 4pm EST instead of Noon this year so I could do this in the morning. We will see how my body is feeling before I make the decision but as of today I think I might want to try it!

Tomorrow is a scheduled off day for me. Part of me really doesn't want to take off and I might try and do the Core Synergistics I missed today. But another part of me is saying that I need the rest and should take it. Might play this one by feel also!

Thanks for Reading,

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