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Triathlon Training Day 23: Swimming & Ab Ripper X

Posted May 12 2009 5:53pm
I am officially at the 12 week point until my Triathlon and I am feeling really good about my training. When I decided that I was going to do a Triathlon I set two goals for myself: #1 - Just Finish the Race; and #2 - When I am at the starting line do not have the thought that I should have trained more! I figure if I make sure #2 happens than #1 will take care of itself!

This afternoon I went to the gym and decided to push it pretty hard in the pool. First I went to the aerobic area and did Ab Ripper X. I did 40 reps on every move except Fifers, Oblique Raises, and Heels to the Heavens - only the standard 25 on these! I was pretty sweaty after that and then went to the pool.

Now that I am getting better at my freestyle technique the next step is to work on adding some speed! So I started out and swam 10 laps (250 yds ) slow to just warm up. After that I decided to use the lap clock and time myself for a hard 10 laps. When I hit the final wall I was at 5 minutes and 15 seconds. I was very pleased with this time. The Triathlon I am competing in has the swim portion measured at 5-- yards. If I can do this in around 10-11 minutes I would be thrilled!

After I sprinted the 10 laps I stayed and worked on my form and did the Total Immersion Drills. I probably did a total of 40 laps today! I am really enjoying swimming.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up early and am going to do my 3.1 Mile Run.

Thanks for Reading,

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