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Triathlon Training Day 13: Swimming + Ab Ripper X

Posted May 01 2009 11:25pm
Practiced my Total Immersion swimming drills today. I feel like I took a small step back today. For some reason I just didn't feel as balanced in the water today? At times I did, at times I just felt awkward - very weird. I guess this is to be expected when learning something new but it is still frustrating.

Overall, my swimming today was still pretty good. I tried to keep track of my laps and did close to 35 total ... plus or minus a couple. It was a crowded day at the pool and I got caught up in conversations with people and lost count a few times.

Before I did my swimming I went to the weight area to stretch and do Ab Ripper X. I've done ARX so many times now that I no longer need Tony and the video. They have a soft mat there that is much better than the Yoga mat I use at home. I added reps to every move and did a total of 400 in all!

A funny thing happened right after that. I was walking to the locker room and a guy came up to me and asked if my name was "Jeff". I said yes, but didn't recognize him? He asked if I did, "that P90X blog?" .... I started to laugh. His name was Ken, so Ken is you are reading, it was nice to meet you and good luck getting started with P90X!

Tomorrow I have to go help a Doctor with an Implant case at 11am. So, I am going to try and get up early and get in a 20 mile Bike ride before that. I'd like to get in Core Syn or Yoga tomorrow too but I have plans with a buddy in the afternoon and then Annie and I are going out for a friends Birthday. Might have to wait until Sunday!

Thanks for Reading,

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