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Triathlon Training Day 11 & 12: Stength Training + 4 Mile Run

Posted Apr 30 2009 11:30pm
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had a LOOONGG day working and got my workout in and hit the sack. Yesterday was a little different for me. I wanted to go cycling but it was dark by the time I got home. I also wanted to watch the "Biggest Loser" that I DVR'd a couple of days ago. So, I brought my dumbbells into the Family room and did about 40 minutes of Shoulders and Arms with the dumbbells. I used all of the P90X exercises while watching TV and it went pretty well! It was good to layoff the cardio for a day and get in some strength training. The P90X workouts have taken a bit of a backseat since I have started preparing for the Triathlon, but that needs to change because I really don't want to lose all the definition in my arms and back!

Today was another long ass day working but at least i was home before dark! So, I did a 4-mile run. I am getting stronger each time out and am really starting to enjoy running. My split at the first mile was 7:24 and my Heart Rate was 155 BPM at the 1 mile mark. My split at the 3.1 mile mark was 24:49. This is my best time yet and about 6 minutes better from when I started running a couple weeks ago. My only problem was that at about the 2-mile mark my HR was at 169 BMP. I blame my new playlist on the iPod! I have been using the Lance Armstrong Jogging Mix that my wife found on iTunes. It was a bunch of moderate paced type songs. Perfect for running while focusing on your HR. But for some reason I used my own selections - " Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool and " Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragon Force (from Guitar Hero III) - in the middle of the playlist and they really got me going. I think I am still a couple of weeks away until I can training with these types of songs!

Tomorrow I am going to swim again and do ARX. I'm enjoying doing ARX and with all the running, swimming, and cycling my core is pretty strong right now.

One thing that I am looking forward to is getting back on my BSN supplements. I have been cold turkey for 3 weeks now and could use the boost they give me. In 7 days I am going to start again and I cannot wait! I am probably only going to use No Xplode and Nitrix because the P90X Recovery Drink has come back into my life. Since Annie started doing P90X she needed a recovery drink so it came back and I love the taste of it so it is going to stay at least until the tub is finished!

Thanks for Reading,

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