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Triathlon Pics and My Future Training Plans

Posted Aug 04 2009 6:22pm
After a day of thinking about what I want to do I have have come to a conclusion.

I am too darn skinny right now (152 lbs). This has been brought on from all the cardio (swimming, running, and biking) that I did in order to train for the triathlon. My problem is that if I want to continue to do Tri's I need to keep on doing the cardio training. I saw serious gains in all three of the Tri sports from the time I began. So, if I stop altogether then I will probably lose all those positive gains.

Now what I really want is to have the build that I did while doing P90X but also not lose any of the cardio gains that I have developed.

So, I am going to do both! The way it is going to work is that I am going to do all the P90X Strength Training workouts + Yoga and substitute the P90X cardio (Plyo and Kenpo) with running, swimming, and biking. I am going to do the full 90 day schedule and on the rest weeks I will increase my cardio workouts even more. Instead of push ups and pull-ups I am going to do dumbbell bench presses and lat pull downs. My buddies Boomer and Steve have tried P90X this way at times and have had good results.

Also, today I stopped at the Nutrition Depot and picked up Nitrix, Cell Mass, and N.O. Xplode. I am going to stack these supplements along with Creatine. I started the supplements tonight.

And I am pretty sure I want to try another Tri! Not ready for the Olympic level yet so another Sprint will be just fine. There is one in October about 20 miles from my house. It is currently full but it sounds like on the day before you can show up at the sponsoring Local Running Shop and they will sale you one of the packets that was not picked up ... I might try this!

Anyways, I will ramble on more later and am planning on starting the training very soon.

Here are some of my Triathlon pictures:

My friend has a bunch more and a couple videos. She burned it onto a DVD and of course all three of my computers are not compatible with so I am going to need to go flash drive it.
Thanks for Reading,

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