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Travel - Travel - Travel... ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:01am 2 Comments
Travel - Travel - Travel...

I am back off the road - should have been off the road on Saturday but due to a comedy of errors in Myrtle Beach I ended up not getting back home until midday on Sunday. (8+ hours in the MB airport due to late flights, mechanical issues, and a "challenged US Air staff" - fun, fun,fun) So I am road weary and tired but otherwise doing well.

My presentations for the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates - a group of over 60,000 in 15 countries) went very well. In Myrtle Beach I was presenting on Joint Mobility, Flexibility, Strength training, and the Functional Movement Screen. These were very well received and the atmosphere at both Ocean City and Myrtle Beach was open and it was obvious that those attending were really seeking to continue their education.

One of the highlights of the weekends was getting to meet and spend time around Todd Durkin. Todd is a great individual and great trainer and their is a lot to be learned from him.

Otherwise - I am home for a couple of weeks before a busy June takes me back out on the road again. Travel at this point is a necesarry evil - the allure and "fun" of travel left me long ago and the "excitment" of visiting different cities loses it's luster when you realize that you are in that city to work and provide the best service possible - not sight see. In the end - as it almost always does - it comes down to the people you meet and/or spend time with while traveling and in that regard I am very fortunate.
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