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Traditional Training; Week3Session2; Sat 1:45PM-3:00PM; Quads, Forearms

Posted Sep 28 2008 10:01pm

Quads and Forearms

  • Body-Masters CX Series Leg Press: 5 warm sets; 400 lb Stack x 10 x 3
  • Squats: 3 warm sets; 175 lbs x 10; 195 x 5, 6, 6, 10
  • Body-Masters CX Series Leg Extension: 2 warm sets; 70 lbs x 10; 85 lbs x 8
  • Forearm Wrist Curls (light): 45 lb barbell x 50, 40, 40, 35
  • Reverse Camber Wrist Curls: 30 lbs x 20 x 4


I trained at the HealthNutz Gym again today. I have grown to really like the feel of the Body-Masters CX Series. This was a superb session save a couple of things.

My right shoulder was in some pain for the duration of the Squats. This was most discouraging and quite worrisome. The problem does not seem to be in the joint as I once suspected. The problem appears to be in the scapula where there seems to be a pinched muscle of some sort. The pain that is in my right shoulder is referred pain. This is my diagnosis. I am getting it looked at again Tuesday.

The biggest concern I have with my shoulder is how it affects my squats. As a rule, I can block out most forms of pain, but this shoulder pain seems to have mastered me so far. It is so severe that it is all I can do to keep from screaming. When I Squat, I do not have the bar as securely on my back as I would like and I feel somewhat unstable, even with a moderate weight like 195 lbs.

On a positive note, my first Squat session in a year was over a week ago, when I squatted with 175 lbs. On that day I started out with Squats. Today, Squats was my second exercise. I pounded my legs with the leg press first. The 400 lb stack was just right, but in one or two sessions I will be able to bang out 15-20 reps on it. Anyway, after leg presses I was surprised to handle 195 lbs in the Squat. I could have handled it more easily were it not for the shoulder pain.

Diet was pretty awful today. I have been intentionally cutting back on large, high carb meals and eating a healthy meal once or twice towards the end of the day (not ideal, I know), but I am interested in melting off some subcutaneous fat. The problem is that today I had no food. I mean ZIP!

Since after my workout I was slammed I decided to hit Food Lion (a lousy discount food store - the worst. It sucks). I got some low fat ground beef and some hamburger mix/helper stuff. I cooked the beef and proceeded to fix the meal only to discover after one bite that the meet was rancid, or close to it. I had to throw it all out. All I had left to eat was a Power Bar and some milk. So, that is what I ate.

On the plus side, I did have two protein drinks today, so it could have been worse. Oh wait, it IS worse. LOL. I am slam out of Metabolic Diet supplements. Sigh.

2 servings protein (breakfast, Post-Workout, Just before bed)
2 Cups Coffee
Power Bar Plus/Glass Milk
Proten just before bed.

As I said, I am out of Metabolic Diet Products for now.

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