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Traditional Strength Training; Week1Session1; Wed 1:30PM-2:00PM; Shoulders, Back

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:14pm

Workout A) Shoulders

  • Prone Front Dumbbell Raises (face down on SuperBench): 10 lbs x 10 x 5 Sets (this is a new movement. I liked it. )
  • Seated DB Military: 35 lbs x 3 x 5 Sets
  • Forward Leaning Lateral DB Raise (seated): 15 lbs x 8 x 5 Sets (this form of lateral DB raise really hits the trap/delt tie-in)

Workout B) Back

  • Bent DB Rows: 70 lbs x 5, 6, 6, 8 Reps (left and right at the same time)
  • Cross Bench Pullovers: 70 lbs x 5, 5, 6, 8 Sets
  • DB Shrugs: 70 lbs x 50, 25, 25 Reps (this was high volume and low weight. I could handle 120’s but I wanted to go for endurance on this exercise today)


After the fire on April 11th, my training and diet tanked. Much of the gains I had made the previous 6 months began to fade due to not eating regularly and a cessation of training. This disruption of my lifestyle led to an onset of depression and for several weeks I just tried to focus on whatever I could. As you can see, posts to the site screeched to a halt for a while as well, much to my displeasure I might add. The truth is I just had nothing to give.

I resumed training about 4 weeks ago. The weights were light, but my progress was steady. This day marks the first traditional workout to be posted on this blog since the fire. I am feeling so much better and my lungs are simply doing wonderfully.

I have been living at a house on a lake as a house sitter. I will be here for the next two months, and from there it’s anybodies guess. I am determined to make this summer a great one though.



  • Roast Beef Sandwich and carrot juice

Post Workout A

Mid Day Meal

  • Chicken breast, tomato sauce and Quinoa

Post Workout B

  • Protein; coffee

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