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Traditional Strength Training; Week11Session2; Tuesday 1:30PM-2:30PM; Legs, Calves

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:14pm

Workout A

Legs, Calves

  • 2 Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise: 122 lbs x 50, 40, 40 (nice pump, great burn)
  • Hip Belt Squats: 122 lbs x 30, 21 (the dumbbell grazed the floor almost, on each rep)


Hip Belt Squats, once you do them, are a joy. While you do them, they are hell on earth. These babies really burn. I am getting stronger by the truckload though. Last workout with hip belt squats, I banged out 20 reps with the same weight I used today, only today I banged out 30 on the first set.

I would like a way to handle more weight, but until I can think of a way to hoist more weight, I wil have to settle for more reps. Maybe I can do 120 lbs for 40-50 reps next workout! These are all the way to the floor by the way. So, not shortcuts here.

Calves getting stronger as well, but I am running into the same issue. I need a way to get more plates on.

Perhaps a perfectly straight metal bar, a full 22 inches long, running straight through the QL dumbbell handles, could be used to accomodate all the plates. Hmmm.

Pre-Workout Nutrition/Diet

Post Workout Nutrition/Diet

  • Whey/MLO Protein

Rest of the Days Diet

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