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Time to Talk

Posted Jan 21 2010 12:00am
So, I haven't been blogging quite as much here lately. It wasn't intentional and I really haven't even been too conscious of my lack of chatter until I got on here and looked around. Guess I've just been quite preoccupied with life lately.
{phone rings}
Okay, I'm back....had to take that call. :o)
Oh shoot, I just looked at the clock. It's 3 minutes till time to get up from here and prepare for my classes at the gym.
Well, then, in light of the shortage of time that seems to plague me, I will give you an update in bulletpoints! (boring but effective).

*I am now babysitting from 9-4 M, T, Th & F for 2 children in my home-temporarily (3-6 months.)

*I am still instructing 2 fitness classes a week at the gym, but expect that to be ending soon. The lady I was subbing for has healed from her surgery and is taking her classes back. I don't know if they're going to give me any classes of my own or not. Hopefully...!

*I am still doing medical transcription for the doctor until he's ready to switch over to the electronic medical records. Last I heard, could be in February. Best case scenario...he never switches! (that is such a good job!)

*Beachbody coaching has picked up like CRAZY and that is FABULOUS news!! I've been getting a check (sometimes 2) in the mail every week! Awesome!

*Started P90X with hubby again on Monday. Doing good so far. The eating (as usual) is the hardest part...but with the meal plans I've been making up on Sunday, at least knowing what to eat and preparing it is easy. It's just the making-myself-not-eat-junk-too part that is hard. Having Oreo's in the house while doing P90X is most CERTAINLY a SIN!

*Attended the infamous BALL on Saturday night and got all dressed up. It was fun to slip into a tight, sexy dress, get a fancy up-do, put on looong fake eyelashes and lots of bling and show off all my hard work! My hubby, in his first-ever suit, looked FABULOUS and was by far the most handsome, hunky guy there! (sorry David! :o)

*I'm (still) on my quest to lose this last 15 pounds. Just this time, I'm putting a time limit on it. BY MEMORIAL DAY. That is more than plenty of time. Ya wanna join me?

*I have officially succumbed to the evil voices in my head that keep telling me to tan. It started out innocently, just tanning for the ball...but I'm hooked. Not only do I look and feel SO MUCH better with a little bit of color, that 10 minutes of "down time" is priceless. I'm only going once or twice a week for 10 minutes, so don't worry about me. I know all the reasons not to do it. I'm choosing to be naughty. (at least for now).

Okay, I think that's it for now. I need to get off here, answer a few e-mails and then figure out what kind of torture I'm gonna put the people at the gym through today! :o)

I love you all and THANK YOU for your comments and encouragement and for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your life, and help you on your journey to a healthier life!
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