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Three Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Personal Trainer Staten Island

Posted Sep 25 2013 2:38am

Just like a company hiring the right employees, it is important that people due their due diligence when choosing a personal trainer Staten Island.  However, many people have this pre-conceived notion that any old trainer will do.  They think that just by saying they have a personal trainer that instant optimal health is around the corner.  Not true.  In Staten Island, New York, there are many talented personal trainers to choose from.  The key is not rushing to judgement.  Here are a few mistakes people make and should try to avoid.


There is a failure for people to think about what they need.  They listen to what other people have done and say that is what they want, but what is missing is what makes you different from your friend or colleague.  Some people are read the riot act from their doctors after a disastrous annual examination, while others have been motivated to train for a triathlon.  Your motivation, past exercise history, and goals may be totally different.  Sit down and ask yourself what you want from your personal trainer and what you need from a physical and mental angle and take into account any limitations you may have.


Second, don't rush.  Choosing the first trainer you meet means failure to really think what was just mentioned above.  It is important to research the kinds of trainers that are available in your area.  Staten Island is unique in that you have more options than just joining a local gym.  Personal trainers are available to train you in your home or put in the front yard or community park.  Have conversations with a few of them that may fit your needs ask questions and wait for each of them to give you an answer.  If you don't like the answers or the tone, than this personal trainer Staten Island may not be for you.


Finally, don't forget to check references.  Ask their clients the questions you need answered.  Is this personal trainer Staten Island, punctual, professional, and focused during sessions?  These along with more specific questions about how they address individual needs will go a long way in your selection of the right trainer.  Call up the certifying agency and insurance provider to confirm both are current and in good standing.  Personal training in New York City, Staten Island included, is expensive and thus the selection process should be taken seriously. 

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