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The undeniable truth behind middle age weight gain.

Posted Sep 13 2010 9:22pm

You hit your 40s ,  and soon you find your self plagued with muffin tops and and a belt line that heads south. The scale show a scary 20 pound weight gain beyond your normal weight. Why?

Mid life weight gain is very normal for most people. In fact, it is not unusual to see adults add 1 pound of fat per year beginning from their 20s through their forty’s!   Why does this happen?  Experts say, hormones, changes in lifestyle, poor nutritional choices, being overly stressed, and not getting enough sleep.  Although hormonal changes account for 4% of weight gain, it is estimated that lack of exercise and caloric burn make up majority of the middle age weight gain phenomena.

So how do you control middle age weight gain?

1. Control your mind, and reduce your stress.. You know what it takes!

2. Control your mouth. Stop eating crap, and get with the program and eat healthy organic, unprocessed foods. And remember to take in the recommended calories that your body needs. To get a rough estimate simply multiply your body weight by 10 to determine your daily calories.

3. Control your muscles. Make them metabolically alive with a well constructed weight  training and cardio program. Your program should be customized for you, don’t rely on the programs outlined in She or Men’s Health. If your clueless about getting started, contact myself or one of my Somagenesis  Personal Fitness Trainers to design a kick start program for you. You will greatly benefit!

If  you think your working out enough and eating well, but still dealing with a pot belly then your doing something very wrong. Caloric intake is probably too high or nutrient value is bogus. In addition, your probably lacking intensity in your workouts. Monitor your heart rate with a good heart rate monitor. train your muscles till they burn. Walk out of that gym absolutely spent!  Again, if this is something you need help with, then I suggest a qualified personal fitness trainer .

In summary, you should be doing more, versus less as you age. Your nutrition needs to be finely tuned and caloric intake designed to improve physical performance and metabolism. You need to think long and hard on what your going to do to reduce those life stress ors and improve your sleeping patterns.  Make taking care of your self a priority in life, otherwise continue with status quo and suffer the ramifications of self neglect and getting fat.

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