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The Isagenix challenge by San Diego’s Top Personal Trainer

Posted Sep 12 2012 6:10pm

I love a challenge. after several months of solicitation from a personal trainer friend of mine Gregg  D’Andrea of GStarfit in Boston, I have decided to take test out the 30 day Isagenix cleanse and fat burning system with IsaLean protein shakes.  Here is what Isagenix claims.

IsaLean Pro is formulated to help:

  • Boost metabolism and overcome stubborn weight-loss plateaus while eliminating visceral fat
  • Stimulate superior muscle recovery and growth in athletes, those looking to gain muscle and physically active individuals
  • Assist with muscle retention and muscle tone to help you age gracefully
  • Maintain muscle, bone, and supports antioxidant status (glutathione)

I consider my self fairly lean and very healthy at age 50. But like most people, I am my worst critic, and would certainly enjoy attaining the 7% body fat I had in my 20s and 30s. I am currently 12% body fat which places me in the “fit athletic” category.

I am curious to see how and what Isagenix has in compared to their competition.  Do they really have a secret weight loss formula that provides long term weight loss solutions or is it simply about dramatic caloric consumption?

Here are my baseline stats:  Ht: 5′-8″, Weight 190 lbs,  12% body fat measured by Lange Skinfold Caliper . My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate ) is 1935 calories, measured by Care Fusions V-Max Encore Metabolic Cart

I am healthy, above average serum testosterone levels at 789, normal thyroid function, and normal blood glucose levels. I currently exercise 1.75 hours per day, 6 days per week, with an average daily caloric expenditure of 925 calories.

In theory I should achieve a weight loss of 1.25 pounds per week, but I DON”T…As you readers know, I don’t believe that a 3600 calorie expenditure in diet and exercise results in a 1 pound loss in body weight.  I believe that dramatic cuts in food calories will stop your metabolism dead in its track, and actually create weight gain or best scenario keep your  body weight in limbo. I believe that very intense bout of exercise combined with metabolic foods is the only way to achieve lasting weight loss.

As a San Diego Personal Trainer with 13 years experience working with clients who have tried every diet conceived by man , I am skeptical of Isagenix. What I do know is that I will spend the first two days in a super low-calorie cleanse, and then on a 600 calorie Isagenix protein shake diet with an occasional Scooby snack, and a 500 calorie conventional meal for dinner. Yikes!

I will let you know more details as the diet progress’. I begin the diet in two days. Stay tuned to next weeks post about my Isagenix experience. Also please comment below, as I always love to hear every ones opinions.

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