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The Instructive British Institute (IBI)

Posted by ghadaarabeya

The Instructive British Institute (IBI)is officially registered under the Ministry of education. It has also specialized in conversation in the following languages: English- French- German- Spanish- Italian, as well as Arabic language for foreigners (both standard and colloquial).  There is also a special department for the Islamic studies for non - Arabic natives IBIoffers its program in great prices.During your course IBI will help you maximize your Arabic language skills with our professional teachers. IBIallows you to make a serious progression in Arabic in an extremely short period of time, whatever your starting point, we use a modern lively approach to teaching Egyptian colloquial Arabic and classical Arabic to non- Arabs.Our experienced Arabic native tutors will teach you how to read, write, speak and understand ArabicEgyptian colloquial Arabic ( ECA )is the spoken language of Cairo & is understood throughout the Arab world. Knowledge of   ECA will enable you accomplish everyday tasks, to chat with Egyptians & even allows you to exchange opinions on current affairs with native speakers. Our courses also introduce you to the Arabic script & also give you the basics of Arabic language study. There are 8 levels from beginner to intermediate  Courses System : Each level is 24 Hours Modern Standard Arabic ( MSA )is the written Arabic language in its classical form . Used in newspapers & also widely heard on the Radio & TV. Knowledge of MSA will enable you to become well acquainted with contemporary situations in the Middle East & North Africa as well as serving introduction to the enormous wealth of classical Arabic literature. There are 9 levels from beginner to intermediate  Courses System : Each level is 24 Hours Special Courses: IBI offers special tailor – made courses in both MSA & ECA or combination of the two. We have excellent facilities for individuals or small groups in our center. Our special courses are therefore either ideal for students who wish to study intensively or for busy people who are unable to attend scheduled classes. Special courses and ( MSA + ECA ) : 36 Hours For more information please contactTelephone:+20171779858 /
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