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The Importance of Rest & Recovery in Strength Training

Posted by Kim N.

Training becomes less effective when muscles become fatigued since the training stimulus cannot be maintained at maximum level. Also, overloading a fatigued muscle may lead to soreness and injury (no, you don't have to be sore to ensure you're adequately working the muscle). Follow the following three rules to ensure that you allow your body adequate recovery between exercises: 1) exercise your large muscle groups first, before smaller ones (do lat pull-down and chest press before bicep curls or tricep extensions), 2) arrange your exercises so that successive exercises only minimally affect the muscle groups that were trained previously (do a back exercise, then a chest exercise, then you will have enough time to rest so that you can go to a back exercise again afterwards), and 3) allow 48 hours between training sessions for complete physiological recovery (you tear down your muscle when you strength train, so in order for it to develop and get stronger or bigger, it's going to need time to recover and adapt).
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