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The Excalibur Figure Competition Is Over… How My Long Training & Dieting Paid Off

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:31pm

I finished my first figure competition! It wasn’t a smooth ride either. The night before the competition we learned that my bottle of tanner was bad and was giving me a terrible, streaky tan!

It didn’t get better when someone rushed me over a new bottle of tan so I can try and get something on before the show… turned out that this was not the right stuff either and instead of looking better I looked streaky and just plain aweful. But the damage was done and after a few minutes of holding back tears I went on with the show and did my best!

My Parents and Dan: My great support

My Parents and Dan: My great support

It was a great experience, the girls, the atmosphere, the stage posing… it was a ton of fun and I highly recommend anyone thinking about giving figure a try to go for it. Yes, it was a lot of hard work but I was on an adrenaline high all night long!

I can’t wait till the next one now that I have learned my tanning lesson and I know what I can do to do better!

So the outcome? I ended up 4th… my trainer informed me it had to do with my tan compared to the girl who placed 3rd… I would have had it if I had only looked tan and not like a zebra! But I am really proud of myself and I had a great support group with me to cheer me on!

As far as the next one? I am looking into doing something before the year is up!

If you want to see where I started, check out… My Transformation . Here are the basic stats though:

I started at 115 lbs and walked on the stage weighing 103 lbs. I have gone down 1-2 dress sizes! For off season I don’t want to get back to 115 because of the hard work it took to get to 103. But 108 is a good weight for me.

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