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The Demise of the Middle Age Business Executive

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm

The health of the 21 century business executive is under attack. Numerous NIH (National Institute of Health) funded studies have reiterated the adverse effects from living the stressful, unhealthy executives lifestyle.

The Journal of Hypertension conducted a landmark study between the years 1964 and 2000. 3267 initially young, healthy male, business executives participated in a health screening with measurements of cardiovascular disease risk factors. At baseline exam. none of the executives had hypertension(high blood pressure), cardiac risk factors such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, or were on blood pressure medicines. All test subjects were examined annually over a 32 year time frame.

After a 32 year follow up there where a total of 701 deaths. 234 (33.4%) died as a result of coronary heart disease , 49 died from strokes,42 (6%) died as a result of secondary coronary related disease and 204 (29.1%) to cancer.

To date, numerous federally funded studies are underway, analyzing the ongoing, progressive effects of the sedentary, stressful lifestyle, that the American business executive lives. Although biotechnology has taken huge strides to create, cutting edge diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat many diseases, as well as “the magic pill to alter blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and blood sugars, the business executive continues to become more sedentary,and has greater disregard for diet and exercise. Moreover the modern day American business executive is more likely to take Prozac, Zoloft or Paxil, to help handle the amount of stress, and anguish that corporate American throws their way. What they don’t know, is medical literature generally agrees that Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox and Prozac appear to cause the tremendous weight gain. The rule of thumb: The high the dose of psychotropic drug, the more likely weight gain will be an issue. So resorting to the state of the art in medical therapeutics is not the answer. It is in my opinion, the cowardly, lazy man’s way out of a no win situation.

I can save with conviction, that most blood pressure , cholesterol , glucose lowering agents, and heart medications do ONE thing: SLOW YOU DOWN! And when you slow down, your health go’s direct linear.

For example, beta blockers are prescribed to treat both blood pressure and associated cardiopathies. They are designed to slow down heart rate and stroke volume, relax arteries, suppress electrical activity of the heart, or offset calcium influx in heart muscle. The end result of all these actions is a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. This causes a significant drop your body’s metabolism, energy levels, mood and sexual libido, like a bad day on Wall street. Glucose lowering agents work by readjusting your blood sugars and secondarily promote fat retention. Cholesterol medications, primarily the “statins” have been indicated in muscle weakness and breakdown, also another culprit in making your metabolism drop. Remember when FDA announced in 2001 that Bayer Pharmaceutical Division must withdraw Baycol (cerivastatin) from the U.S. market because of reports of sometimes fatal rhabdomyolysis, a severe muscle adverse reaction from this cholesterol-lowering (lipid-lowering) product. The FDA agreed with and supported this decision.

As both a Physican Assistant and Personal Fitness Trainer my niche is the San Diego fitness community is working with unhealthy corporate executives. I currently manage the lifestyles of 25 executives living in San Diego California. The typical executive whom I work with, is 48 years old, 40 pounds over weight, has irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches due to uncontrolled high blood pressure, maybe fatty liver disease from too much alcohol, is severely depressed, and last but not least, they constantly reiterate how much they dislike their current working lifestyle.

The good news is that diet, exercise and stress management can control, and reverse many of these maladies, if you make the time. For Example:

1. High Blood Pressure - Getting the heart rate sufficiently elevated through a cardiovascular event, will cause vasodilation, thus altering total peripheral resistance within blood vessels. This has a lowering effect on high blood pressure. To date, I have successfully reversed the effects of high blood pressure on 31 clients, thus saving them from having a stroke or heart attack.

2. High Cholesterol - A properly designed medical exercise program, emphasizing cardiovascular and muscular endurance conditioning, can induce a lipolytic reaction, and increase good cholesterol HDL to absorb the bad cholesterol, which narrows arteries. To date I have seen dramatic changes in 19 clients who are no longer taking lipid lowering agents.

3. Type II Diabetes - Very simple, drop the fat with diet and consistent exercise, the blood sugars return to normal levels. Body fat impedes glucose uptake from muscle tissue. Could you wipe water off your kitchen counter if your sponge was lathered with Crisco oil? Your muscle tissue works the same way!

4. Depression - Exercise can make you high. Your body produces “Enkephalins” which are are neurotransmitters found in the brain and spinal cord. They play a part in pain perception, movement, mood, behavior, and neuroendocrine regulation. For many of my business executive clients they rely on exercise to moderate their mood and overall mental health.

In summary, a healthy mindset is always the best way. I always recommend my clients to time manage their health and fitness. This is what administrative assistants, Daytimers and Blackberry cell phones are all about. Health and fitness must be scheduled into a hectic daily schedule. If it is not, then business meetings, luncheons, and office emergencies with always dominate your schedule. Health and fitness must be a priority, or you will never live to reap the fruits of your labor. If you require a purpose to schedule and health and fitness program, and be more accountable, then use a personal fitness trainer with a solid background in medicine. Your fitness trainer must have a thorough understanding of internal medicine and pharmacology. After all, you are putting your life in his hands. Should you have the need to integrate a health and fitness conditioning program into your schedule, feel free to contact the “Executive Trainers” of Somagenesis Health and Fitness at 760-271-3064. We are equipped the provide medical expertise, accountability, and serious productive medical exercise programs for all health condition.

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