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The Day Before The Big Figure Competition

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:10pm

Wow… 12 weeks has just about come to an end! It has been a great journey (aside from the cranky times).

Tomorrow is the big competition… The Excallibur, I am pumped and excited with a ton of nervousness. The great thing about the experience is learning my body. I was using the excuse of my genetics before for not getting the ultimate body. Now I have learned how to work my body to get the results I have always wanted.

This was by no means easy… who wants to give up ALL SUGAR ALL ALCOHOL ALL BREAD… but I made it though. The workouts were intense and it was great to see the transformations each week.

Ok… so thats what I got out of it but what is the day before looking like for me?

Well, it really started last night… I started painting with ProTan. I ended up rushing to Lowe’s to get a paint brush… thats a great tip for anyone going through this… those black spongy paint brushes are the way to go!

After Two Layers Of Competition Tanning

After Two Layers Of Competition Tanning

To the left is a picture of myself from just two layers on my face… my trainer wants me to get up to 6! No one will recognize me.

Also yesterday: I started carbing up with 100g of carbs (I was so excited about oatmeal). Because you want to keep carbs from depleting I had to get up at 3am this morning for a small bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon. At around lunch time, I cut out sodium (this is a lot harder than it sounds). And I went to the tanning bed for the LAST time.

Moving on to today…

  • I started off with 500 mg of potassium, eating oatmeal for breakfast and going ahead and filling up a jug of water (this is all I can drink from now till around 5 pm).
  • I did another layer of tanner (gross), did my lovely nails… I was so mad that one broke this week so I had to do fakes… got new eye makeup (what a great excuse)… and cleaned my house (can’t break normal schedule).
  • For lunch I did chicken and oatmeal, and a snack of corn cake with salt-free almond butter spread over it.
  • Of course I have been practicing my posing but at this point if I don’t have it down who knows if I will!
  • At 5 pm the hard stuff starts… I start dehydrating to really get those muscles defined and the skin thin. My last drink will be coffee which I am actually excited about. I love a good cup of joe!
  • Then its more painting tonight and tomorrow the big day!
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