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Sweat Every Day

Posted Sep 26 2012 4:00pm
The other night I was doing my usual rush out the door to head to the gym: change into gym clothes, grab water bottle, grab iPod, grab cell phone, grab gym gym ID. I looked EVERYWHERE and after a half hour of searching I came to the conclusion that I lost it somewhere outside and would have to wait until the next day to head to the membership office to get a new one. So instead I grabbed my jump rope and my Gymboss timer and completed the following workout at home

I used my sandbag with the squats, lunges, and get-ups but you could also do them with just your bodyweight , and the mountain climbers could also be done without a stability ball. All in all a good workout, and since my back was feeling like it needed a good stretch, I finished it with some full bridges, supermans, and downward dog.

I've never really gotten too hung up on having  my workouts planned out. Although I do track my workouts in a "workout journal" (I guess that's what you'd call it) and make sure I get in certain lifts each week, my workouts are completely left up to what I feel like doing that day. I find it much more fun and energizing. I know some people use very set/structured workout programs, but I know if I went that route, I would quickly start to hate it. As long as I sweat every day, I think I'm doing just fine.
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