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Supplement Brands And What To Buy

Posted Mar 04 2009 12:00am

vitaminsThere are so many nutritional companies in the world that deciding on what supplement brands to try is simply bewildering. Not only that, but even within individual companies there can be a lot of confusion, simply because some companies offer hundreds of products.

How on earth can anyone be expected to separate fact from fiction, one product from another, one brand from another, etc., when there is so much to choose from and so little in the way of definitive information about what is truly best for us? It’s a serious conundrum with some pretty serious implications to both your health and your pocket book.

Sadly, when push comes to shove and you are standing in front of a wall-full of products at your local vitamin store, most of us end up closing our eyes, pointing our finger, peaking through slitted eye and furrowed brow, taking a chance, shelling out some cash, and buying something just to get out of the store. This tried and true approach of trial and error hardly sounds like fun, and in truth it is not. It is a lousy experience, and hopefully, this entry will simplify this problem so that you do not have to deal with it.

I take pride in the things I spend money on, primarily because I do my research and usually end up buying the best. The truth is I don’t have much money to begin with, so I can hardly afford to spend money on things that I end up not using. So, it makes good economic sense to do my research and buy the very best that is available.

Now, it’s true that the last few years I have struggled financially, but even with my limited budget I have refused to skimp when it comes to the strength equipment I use and the foods and supplements I consume. I always try to make sure I surround myself with superb products in both these areas.

Because I have a pretty serious health condition, I have certain needs. In the same way that my welfare depends on the safety and durability of the strength equipment I use, my health depends in largely on the quality of the foods and supplements I feed it. The fact is I know that the strength equipment I use is built by some of the best strength companies in the world. I also know that the nutritional supplements I buy are the best that can be had if at all possible. If nothing else, this web site is a testament to the value I place on quality.

TPO is sprinkled with product reviews, and in every instance these are products I have extensive personal experience with. I do not make a recommendation unless I know what I am talking about. The integrity of this web site demands that.

Now, if someone were to ask me which bodybuilding supplement brands are the best, I am not really sure I could answer that question with any degree of confidence. The one bodybuilding company I wish I could recommend has such a lousy track record when it comes to customer service that I simply cannot recommend them. How that company manages to stay in business is beyond me.

Of the other bodybuilding supplement brands I have tried, I can’t say I have found much difference between them. Which is another way of saying that there are a lot of bodybuilding brands out there that do not do squat for me, no pun intended. So, I cannot really make a strong recommendation for one company over another.

What I can suggest is that having a good protein powder is probably a must for any serious strength athlete. A good protein powder should mix easily and mix well, taste good (yes, taste matters) or have a neutral flavor so you can mix it with other beverages. In addition, I believe the research shows that whey proteins are superb, easily digested and are preferable to soy-based products. As for whether you want micro-filtered, cold-processed, I cannot say. I did find a great article on the best proteins, and I think you would do well to read it: Best Proteins

This has an answer, too, and to be frank this is a slam dunk for me: Life Plus International.

I have been using Life Plus’ products for over 14 years, so that should tell you something. Of course, having used their products for so long I am pretty familiar with the company, and so I am naturally very comfortable recommending them. I have also had over 30 years to try other products, so I have a pretty good idea when a product is benefitting my health and when it isn’t.

During the past 14 years with Life Plus, I have cycled a handful of their products in and out of my diet in an effort to keep things interesting and also to make sure my body does not develop an allergy to them, or get so use to the products that I no longer derive a benefit from them.

A primary reason I choose Life Plus International is that their products work very well for me. Any time you consume a supplement or food that makes a tangible improvement in how you feel you just tend to stay with it, right? Well, that has happened more times than I can count with Life Plus.

As mentioned, I only use a handful of products from Life Plus at any given time. In my previous post, I made the point that I don’t believe in mega-dosing on 30 different bottles of this and that. I like to keep it simple.

So, I use 3-5 products from Life Plus, not necessarily all at once, and that’s it. Sometimes I just one one, when budgetary constraints dictate, or I may use three of their products over the course of a few months. I try to keep things mixed up, never getting stuck in a dietary rut. This approach has worked quite well for my health and my wallet.

In the coming days, I will be reviewing some of my favorite products from Life Plus. Of course, where possible I will try to describe some of the more tangible benefits I have derived from using them. In the meantime, here is a short list of the products I use and can recommend:

  • Daily BioBasics Super Nutrient Powder

    If you take only one nutritional supplement, it should be Daily BioBasics

    Daily BioBasics nutritional drink has just what you need to support overall health. With its balance of vitamins, minerals and fiber, it provides the nutrition you need to stay at your physical and mental best. This next generation of Daily BioBasics has better consistency, taste and product performance due to an improved fiber blend. Also, by developing an innovative and proprietary new blending process ensures that you have a smooth, creamy texture with every drink.

    One serving of Daily BioBasics gives you:

    • 100% of the daily values of essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium.
    • Over half of the daily value for dietary fiber to support whole body cleansing.
    • Phytonutrients concentrated from 35 fruits and vegetables.
    • Phytonutrients concentrated from 20 different herbs.
    • Special greens, both Spirulina and Chlorella.
    • Rich antioxidant capacity from a total of 81 herbs, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients with specific activity to help protect against stress from free radicals.

    Daily BioBasics helps increase energy levels, maintains healthy circulation that helps support brainpower and sustains calcium levels. Adequate Calcium and Vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Daily BioBasics provides your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis.*

    26.1 oz.









    **This is the approximate shipping weight for the product.
  • Proanthenols 50 mg

    Why do we need antioxidants? Cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from televisions and computers, chemicals and a busy life generate free radicals, which cause “oxidative stress”. Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerated cellular aging.

    An antioxidant’s job is to neutralize the free radical cells thus protecting the cells in our body from accelerated aging. By neutralizing the free radicals, these once free radical cells are able to assist with nutritional distribution, proper circulation and overall better health.

    Proanthenols provides the very best in nutritional antioxidant support.

    60 Tablets









    **This is the approximate shipping weight for the product.
  • OmeGold Essential Fats

    OmeGold sets itself apart by including a specialized mix of essential plant oils, which are potent fat-soluble antioxidants. Each softgel capsule contains a precise blend of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids combined with vitamin D and an exclusive proprietary blend of antioxidant-rich essential oils. OmeGold is a safe and effective way to help ensure your entire family is supplied with essential omega-3 fatty acids.

    Research has shown that DHA is a critical component of the brain. In fact, one quarter of all brain lipids are comprised of DHA. OmeGold is full of the critically important omega-3 fatty acid that has been shown to positively affect cognitive function. The omega-3 fatty acids in OmeGold also help support cardiac health. Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Higher levels of DHA in the blood may support already normal levels of C reactive protein, a marker of inflammation and an indicator of cardiovascular health.

    Many studies have suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can positively affect many aspects of health, including the nervous system. OmeGold helps support total well-being by providing an easy method of including high-quality omega-3 fatty acids in your everyday diet.

    OmeGold is full of critically important Omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to positively affect cardiac health and cognitive function.

    240 Tablets









    **This is the approximate shipping weight for the product.
  • CO-Q-10 Plus

    Up until recently, no one heard much about coenzyme Q-10, but that doesn’t diminish its importance to your body. Life Plus Co-Q-10 Plus is specially formulated to help you maintain proper coenzyme Q-10 levels in your body. Coenzyme Q-10 is an important naturally-occurring antioxidant that is necessary for cellular energy production.* The more energy you burn, the more coenzyme Q-10 your body needs from your diet.*

    In addition to being an important antioxidant, it is also critical to maintaining a healthy cardiac system, supporting healthy gums, and is an integral part of your immune system*. Some studies indicate that it may assist in helping you control your weight*. Although our bodies naturally produce coenzyme Q-10, we need to obtain more of our coenzyme Q-10 from our diets as we age. In order to ensure that you have sufficient coenzyme Q-10 in your daily diet, include Co-Q-10 Plus as part of your regular nutritional supplementation routine.*

    This formula of CO-Q-10 contains 50 mg of pharmaceutical grade, bio-available CO-Q-10

    60 Tablets









    **This is the approximate shipping weight for the product.
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