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Supervised Workouts Yield Greater Results

Posted by Heather J.

If you're really serious about wanting to get fit, book a series of one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. With an expert at your side to coach you through a workout, you will have no room to slack off! A study recently measured the fitness gains of 20 men during a 12-week resistance-training program. Half trained on their own; half with a personal trainer. The supervised group made more significant improvements in body mass, fat mass and fat-free mass than their solo counterparts. The study suggested that the trainer encouraged participants to tolerate greater training loads, thus leading to greater gains. Makes sense, huh. I've certainly seen this in my own life, not with weight training but with other activities. As a runner, I've been working consistently with a coach who maps out monthly training plans for me. He isn?t there for every one of my runs, but even just having a detailed plan keeps me accountable. Plus, he coaches the track workout that I attend once a week. This certainly helps keep me accountable with the speed work! Also, I recently signed up for a package of five Pilates sessions at DP Pilates near Dolores Park. Previously, I would have thought this type of thing too frivolous - too big of a splurge. But I signed up anyway, taking the advice of a health professional. It was so worth the money. The sessions certainly help as any Pilates course would - increasing core strength, stability, balance, etc. But dang! With the instructor watching every move, I have no choice but to perform each exercise as best I can. She knows when I'm not breathing and when I'm out of alignment, and lets me know! So, if you're serious about achieving a goal, whatever it may be, it's okay to ask for help from someone well-trained in that field.
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I'm so glad I found this post. I'm going to be signing up for three sessions with a personal trainer-right now it's what I can afford. I've found that while I feel refreshed after a workout, and that I am indeed targeting the right muscle groups and getting in some cardio is well, I don't feel like I'm doing enough. I know I can be doing more, I just need the motivation.

But more importantly, I need to know how to get the results I want. I'm not expecting them to come quickly, especially in three session. But those sessions, I hope, will teach me how to target and work out certain parts of my body to get the results I want in the long term. Thanks for the great info, Heather!

I just signed up for the official training program for the san francisco marathon and half marathon... i don't know if i'll signed up for the race (1/2 marathon), but i think the training alone will be great. i'll keep u posted.
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