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strength (weights) training how often

Posted by Michelle V.

is it still beneficial if I do strength (weights) training only twice per week? (I run 4-5 times per week). I want to prevent injury in my legs (for running) and strengthen my upper body as I use it very little in running.
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Whoa!!! You think your upper body isn't used much for running? Try running with your hands in your pockets.

Ever notice how when you walk/run/skip, when your left foot goes forward, so does your right arm? (and vice versa)

In normal gait, your upper and lower body work together to produce efficient forward motion.

As far as strength training 2x/week, yes, it can be beneficial to your running program (and general health, too) - but don't expect a traditional "bodybuilding-split" routine to do the trick.

An idea you may want to consider is including some single-leg training. (over 60% of the time you spend running, you'll only have one foot on the ground)

One of my favorite moves for runners is a single leg squat with opposite arm, low-pulley row. (it mimics the lengthen/contract cycle of the muscles involved in running).

Bottom line: integrate, don't isolate.

Definitely. Studies are showing that strength training enhances runner's performance. Twice a week should do it as long as you are doing full body routines. Work with free weights to get the biggest bang for your time. Remember that running doesn't stress the muscles the way a strength training routine will. Strength training usually prevents injury because you're not over-training your legs through running. The break and focus on tendons, joints, and muscles help develop you even more.

I like running, but it is stressful on the body. A couple of days of a solid weight routine will bring nice results.

Absolutely, just make sure there is enough time between workouts for your muscles to recover.
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