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Strength Training: Work Your Triceps

Posted May 02 2008 5:01pm
Continuing with our series Know Your Muscles, we will now look at another group of muscles of the rear physique, the triceps. We left off our examination of the rear body muscles with exercises that focused on Building a Beautiful and Sculpted Back.

There are several strength-training exercises that target this muscle group, including:
  1. Close-grip bench presses
  2. Lying curl bar extensions
  3. Seated overhead barbell extensions
  4. Single-arm dumbbell extensions
  5. Dumbbell kickbacks
  6. Cable pushdowns
  7. Reverse-grip cable pushdowns, and
  8. Machine triceps extensions
Completing the back of the arm, let's look next at exercises that target the forearm extensors:
  1. Reverse wrist curls
  2. Reverse barbell curls, and
  3. Rope wrist roller
And finally, the infraspinatus (the only visible muscle that is part of the critical rotator cuff). Key strength-training exercises include:
  1. External dumbbell shoulder rotation
  2. External cable shoulder rotation
For a good triceps workout, checkout out the article Working Those Triceps for Beautiful Arms.

Want help with any of these exercises? Then respond to this post with a comment. I'll be happy to explain any of the exercises to you, including giving you tips on proper form and technique.

That's it for now. Tomorrow we will look at Vitamin E, the recent research and the implications for Vitamin E supplementation.

Have a great night!
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