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Strength Training for sport? Stay on your feet!

Posted by Kim N.

One of the basic principles when working in the weight room with a specific goal of training to improve your athletic performance, is to respect the rule of "specificity". One aspect of this rule is to try and mimic the actions that take place in the sport. Because of this idea, since most sports take place while an athlete is standing, all of the strength training exercises you choose should be done while on your feet. Yes, this takes out the beloved bench press, which is an effective exercise to improve chest, shoulder, and tricep strength. However, the amount of strength that is transferred as far as improving an athletes pushing ability in sport can be debated. When I'm working with my athletes, I have them doing their pushing exercises while standing, such as doing pulley chest presses. This requires them to stay on balance and in control, which improves their stability skills, core strength, and does a better job of transferring their improvements to the field.
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