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Strength Training for Fat Loss

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:33pm
"Hello, I saw on you were a personal trainer. I only have one quick question! I need to lose 20 pounds, but I prefer lifting since I am a big guy. Is there any way to get bigger muscles while getting rid of the gut? There must be some way? I am 5'11 and weigh 245, but I know what your thinking. And yes I do sound fat as hell, but that's not the case. Everyone I ask think I weigh 220-225. I am generally muscular and stocky. I just need to get rid of the layer of fat on top of my muscles. Any way possible? Should I maybe do cardio before or after a workout? I am down for any advice you might have!

"Thanks and have a great day!"


My Answer: Everybody wants to lose the fat, but only with weights. Can it be done? Yes, it can be done. But if you're weight training and not losing the fat, then there is something (or several things) missing from your workout routine. Your current weight training program isn't getting you ripped, because:

1) you're not dieting

2) you're not doing the right type of cardio, if any

3) you're still lifting for strength and mass, but you're not lifting in a way to get you ripped

You can't just lift weights the way you've always been lifting them and expect a different result. If you've been lifting to get big, then no wonder you've got a gut. Your strength training program has to be designed specific to your goal, which is fat loss. Chapter 14 of Strength and Physique, V1 goes over 7 different strength training strategies to lose fat while lifting weights.

Now as far cardio, it's better to do it after your workout. A properly designed strength training workout can stimulate more fat loss when you do cardio after. If you do cardio before, then you'll just be tired for your workout.
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