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Strength-Training: A Beautiful Sculpted Back is Possible!

Posted May 02 2008 5:01pm 2 Comments
Building your rear physique is the next stage in our strength-training series entitled: Know Your Muscles. Up until now, we've completed the frontal physique. For today, let's talk about exercises that will assist us in building a beautiful and sculpted back - great for summer tank tops!

Let's look at the lats (latissimus dorsi) and the traps (trapezius) first, followed by the rear shoulders (deltoids) and the lower back (erectors). We will also include the supporting muscles of the lats, the teres major.

Working first the lats and the supporting muscles (the teres major), some key strength-training exercises that target this region include:
  1. Chin-ups and pull-ups
  2. Wide-grip, closed-grip and curl-grip pulldowns
  3. Seated cable rows and seated machine rows
  4. Dumbbell and barbell bent-over rows
  5. Straight-arm pullovers
Next are the traps. Some of the best strength-training exercises for the traps are:
  1. Barbell, dumbbell and machine shrugs
  2. Upright rows
  3. Straight bar pulldowns.
Targeting the rear deltoids (shoulders) is possible with the following exercises:
  1. Bent-over lateral raises
  2. Cable rear lateral raises
  3. Pec deck machine rear laterals
And finally, there is the lower back (erectors). Here, you want to target with these exercises:
  1. Weighted hyperextensions and hyperextension machine
  2. Good Mornings
  3. Prone floor and ball back extensions
  4. Barbell and stiff-leg deadlifts
So that's it. The final posts will look at the triceps, the visible muscles of the rotator cuff (infraspinatus), the forearm extensors, the buttocks (gluteus), the rear thighs (hamstrings) and the calves (gastrocnemius and soleus).

After that, you will be able to build any number of workouts from the many exercises I've provided in my various strength-training posts. Reply to this post if you need information about any of the exercises mentioned above.

Take care,

Healthy. Fit. Living Fully.
Sandy Huard
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Nice post. I am really working hard with my Girlfriend on bringing her back up. We are focusing on the assited pull-up for the most part. It is pretty excting to see the strength and physique improvements she is getting.
That's great that you strength-train with your girlfriend. Many women are not aware that working the back muscles is necessary to improve posture and strength. If not, the back becomes prone to injury and general overall weakness. Keep up the good work!
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