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Squeeze It In

Posted by C.L. R.

Okay, earlier this week I wrote a little bit about doing push-ups off the side of the tub. I wanted to revisit that a bit more because now that I have a simple exercise that's making a huge difference (I promise you, I already had someone compliment me and say that I looked like a volleyball player. Was it the push-ups? Or was it the confidence glow I've gotten from doing them?) Either way, what I had written before was how great it was that this was such an easy, low stress routine. 30 reps, ten at a time, twice a day. Boom. Done. My friend swears by it. So, just after writing that, I read this thing about doing butt flexes (for no other nicer term). This woman said that she does reps whenever she's standing in line. So, I was at the bank and instead of getting irritated at the long line, I flexed my butt, held it for a count of ten, released, etc. I did three reps of ten. By the end, I could actually feel my muscles burning (very slightly) like they'd had some sort of a workout! How funny. My goal is to not forget about this and do them every time I am standing in line somewhere. (However, I haven't watched myself in the mirror yet. How embarrassing if people can see!) Okay, gotta go. Gotta go find a line.
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