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Spartans! Tonight we dine in HELL!

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:36pm
So I finally got to see "300" on DVD. A damn good movie that makes you want to put on a gladiator helmet and work out at the gym. There's been a lot hype over how the actors trained for the roles. Rather than have these guys wear armor breast plates like the Greek warriors wore, they chiseled their bodies to look like armor plating.

So to obtain the Greek warrior body, a lot of guys try the Crossfit approach to training. Nowadays men in the white collar world think they can tap into the warrior in them by training this way.

Although I applaud Crossfit for trying to popularize "functional" strength and conditioning training, they take a jack-of-all-trades approach to it. They include everything from Olympic lifts, to kettlebells, to calisthenics, and they plop every odd lift in the mix without any rhyme or reason. you try to be a jack of all trades, but you end up a master of none.

If you want a warrior body then focus your strength training efforts: the power lifts for strength, the Olympic lifts for explosive power, calisthenics for strength endurance, and interval training for conditioning. Focus on improving your performance in one or two of these facets of warrior training before including more. Don't try to do everything in the beginning, because you will accomplish nothing in the end.

Do this in a structured program, and you will achieve the Spartan physique.
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