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Something Cool Happened This Morning

Posted Sep 22 2010 3:00pm
Wednesday's are fun training days for me because I usually get to sleep in until at least 5:30am.  Today it was fun for a whole different reason.  The alarm went off and I got right out of bed and tossed on my Brooks and my running shorts and headed for the front door.  As I opened the door and walked outside something was different?  That something was that I was not immediately hit with air that felt like it was emanating out of a blast furnace.  It was, dare I say, comfortable?  Yep, 72 degrees and the humidity was bearable. It wasn't cold and I was still sweating like a pig after about 10 minutes but it was nice.

The workout was a tough one too!  It was the speed interval workout and it had more intervals than ever before.   The entire workout was for 1h 10m and had 12 x 1 minute Zone 5 Sprints with a 3 minute recovery.  The first 4 intervals I was averaging a 5 min/mi pace by the last two intervals my average was down to 6:30 min/mi pace and on interval #11 actually had some vomit come up in my mouth - it was not all that pleasant!  But the workout was awesome and I ended up logging a total of 8.30 miles.

It is amazing what can be accomplished outdoors when you can actual breathe!

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