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Somagenesis San Diego Personal trainer reveals the ultimate strength and conditioning weapon!

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:47pm

I have been working out for over 25 years. The thought of going to a conventional cookie cutter gym, using the same old cardiovascular and weight training equipment bores me to death.  If you have been following my  earlier posts, you are  very aware that CrossFit training is my new fitness approach and passion. I suffer from the ADD syndrome of repetitive training, so CrossFit hits the spot!

But wait!

I Recently stumbled across the web site immortalusa  who is the suuplier a very unique, very intense total body conditioning called “Battling Ropes.”  The Battling Ropes System, is the ultimate muscular endurance program. You crate tsunami like waves over a 50ft or 100 ft distance, through body generating explosive forces. Out of curiosity, I ordered the 100 ft 2 inch diameter “Anaconda” rope. It really looks like an Anaconda. You have to see it to believe it!  It weighs close to 100lbs.

To date, I have only been able to work the 50 ft length of the rope, and hope to progress to the full 100 feet over the next several months. I obviously bit off more than I can chew. If you watch the enclosed video of Strongman Champion John Brookfield, the developer of the Battling rope system, you will get an incredible visual perspective of  him performing the infamous Battling Rope “Tsunami” exercise. Don’t let John fool you by the way he easily finesses the rope. It will literally kick your ass.  I have never experienced anything like it. When your training with the battling ropes, you will get an incredible aerobic workout. I was able to elevate my heart rate from 62 BPM to 175 BPM in less than a minute. ( I was only able to work the ropes for 45 seconds!) Although I felt nauseated and light headed after performing 12 sets in 30 minutes.  I did have a blast working the ropes, and also burned 570 calories in both the work and recovery phase of the workout.  Now, I combine the Battling Ropes System with heavy Kettlebells for a ultra intense workout, at Mission Bay in San Diego, CA.  In a mere one hour, my average exercise burn is 1025 calories.

To start, I would recommend that you purchase the 50ft. 2 inch diameter rope system to begin with.  The cost will run you $165 plus shipping. A very inexpensive way of getting a kick ass workout.  Also for you personal trainers out there, this is really a great way of adding  a super creative conditioning element to your clients workout regimen.

If you have an questions concerning the use of Battling Ropes feel free to contact me through my  Award winning web site Somagenesis Health and Fitness. I would also appreciate any comments or opinions regarding the video or your experience with the ropes.


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