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Somagenesis San Diego Personal Trainer asks, Are you Deteriorating Slowly ?

Posted Jun 18 2012 4:57pm

This post was inspired by the fellow I saw walking around World Gym San Diego , with the T-shirt inscription. “Deteriorating Nicely” Thanks for the writing revelation!

Lets face it getting old is not fun. For many, seeing and feeling a soft, expanding waist line, having achy, poor functional joints, or simply being out of breath just walking up stairs is a rude wake up call.  The average life expectancy for Americans is now 78.5 years. Sad but true.. The choice is entirely yours ,to live longer or perhaps live less. Another inspiration for this post, are my High School and College friends on Facebook . Some have died before the age of 50, and some look like they have one foot in the grave. Unfortunately,very few, are healthy and do whatever possible to turn back the wheels of time through  sound diet,  regular exercise and other facets of total well being. Whats wrong with this picture?

My position as health and fitness personal trainer here in San Diego is to educate and guide my clients down the road to better health and happiness. My image and very healthy lifestyle reflects upon my business.  I myself am a 50 year old living testimonial of living a healthy lifestyle despite my poor genetics, and family members who have died of heart disease in there fourties.  I am now 50 years old, and am stronger and fitter than I was in my twenties. I work hard to achieve this result, it doesn’t come easy. I always try to impress this concept upon my clients.

My mentor, Kenneth Cooper MD . founder of the world-renown Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas TX. also follows the ideology of as we get older, we must do more to retard muscle wasting and system wide body deterioration. At age 80 , Dr. Cooper is also a walking testimonial of excellent health and fitness. At an age when most people are slowing down, Dr. Cooper is upping his iron pumping sessions to four days per week. He also devotes an additional six hours a week to aerobics.

Dr. Cooper proposes an “aerobic-strength axis” with the balance changing depending on how old you are. At age 40 and younger, he suggests 80 % aerobics and 20 % strength; age 41 to 50, 70/30; 51 to 60, 60/40; and at 61 and older, 55/45. So he’s still favors aerobics, but the bias practically disappears after 60.  The evidence is strong, as published in the Journal of Applied Physiology , who followed a group of competitive track athletes between the ages of 50- 82, who’s aerobic capacity barely dwindled, but muscle mass decreased dramatically, leading to accelerated aging of the entire body.

So, in a nut shell, by age 60 Cooper writes, “that the average man or woman with have lost one-third of their muscle mass”, which means guess what generally happens? You gain fat, and bones become brittle. and all the unhealthiness that accompanies getting fatter!

So the choice is yours. Age gracefully or painfully. For more information on making this transformation, contact Somagenesis Health and Fitness for more information.

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