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Saturday Fluff: Liking things that suck

Posted Nov 28 2009 10:01pm

I’ve already mentioned my rather shameful enjoyment of The Biggest Loser. Even after reading, again, about how some contestants sacrifice their health in order to win the show, I am probably still going to watch it next Tuesday.

Now, that may be a bit of an extreme example, but this is hardly the first time I’ve liked something against my better judgement. It’s a weird thing to both enjoy something and to mock/judge your own enjoyment of it. But I’ve done it for years at least where music is concerned. I tend to adore top 40 pop crap. Driving beats and asinine lyrics totally do it for me despite having often surrounded myself with knowledgeable music snobs who are always eager to introduce me to some musicians with actual talent.

Then there are those things which clash with my politics/beliefs. The Biggest Loser, obviously. I am a HUGE fan of Family Guy despite the liberal DUDE-ism which permeates most of the show. And I like the Twilight series (seriously, the lesbian feminist loves the sparkle vamps) despite the numerous ‘icks’ I get from the books and the fact that I pretty much hate giving money to someone who’s going to give a big chunk of it to the mormon church (due to their anti-homo proclivities.)

And it’s not that I’ve given up analyzing the reasons why I like these things or why they’re problematic. Quite the opposite. Nor am I unwilling to change my mind. I guess I just decided at some point that there was nothing to be gained by pretending. By going along with what I thought I should say rather than being honest about what I thought. I mean, I’d still own hours of over-produced pop and a well-thumbed copy of “Eclipse”, I would just have to hide them when I had company. This way, at least I can have the conversations and maybe learn some things. Mostly though I’ve just found that a lot of people like crappy stuff and they are eager to connect with others who do too.

So what do you like that sucks?

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