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San Diego Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis client may be cured

Posted Sep 09 2009 10:14pm

A while back, I wrote about my favorite client Bob, who was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis some 15 years ago. He is evidently a quadriplegic and will never be functional according to the best MD’s at University of Chicago and Mayo Clinic. I started working with Bob approximately one year ago performing ranging for his upper and lower extremities to reduce bodily aches and pains. Then one freak day I discovered that Bob can ride a recumbent bike backwards under his own energy for 45 minutes to 1 hour!  Nobody payed attention to this unusual act that he is so proud of. I advised Bob to follow up with a Neurologist here in San Diego, CA, since he was new in town and needed to have his Medications monitored. So he found himself one!

His new neurologist  Dr. Clara Blum took careful note of this backward cycling phenomena, and like me found this a very atypical act for a Primary progressive MS patient. So she decided to scrutinize Bob’s situation, and think outside the box. Long story short,  new MRI’s with high contrast were ordered imaging the entire spine versus just the cervical region.. After carefully reading the new films, Dr. Blum denounced the diagnosis of Primary progressive MS. And commented to Bob that one day he might be opening doors for people, versus the opposite. Bob smiled!

Dr. Blum could not appreciate the aforementioned spinal nerve lesion in the cervical region that the other physicians noted. What she did notice,  is an obvious nerve impingement in the region of T-2, T-3. This she feels is correctable with surgery.  After the MRI, Bob was referred to a prominent Orthopedic Spine surgeon for a second opinion.  He too concurred with Dr Blum assessment and treatment plan. To date both specialist believe there is a good possibility that Bob may be able to regain use of his arms and legs and are now in the planning stage of the surgery.  This news brought tears to my eyes, as Bob has become very dear to my heart, and if your remember my previous post, Bob always seems to see the glass half full versus half empty. Bob never complains and always finds humor in the world around him For all who read this post please say a brief prayer for Bob. He would do the same for you!

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