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San Diego Personal Training Business and State of the Economy update

Posted Feb 22 2010 5:00pm

Its been a while since I have blogged, and all for a good reason. Business has picked up for Not so much in the sense of pure physical fitness training, but specifically for special populations clientelle with orthopedic, neuromuscular or rehabilitative needs. Afterall this is our niche’ in the San Diego fitness industry. My strong medical background and knowledge of orthopedic and neuromuscular anomalies, enables me to competently help individuals improve their quality of life  through pain amelioration, muscular re-education and gait improvement.   Since January 1 2010 we have acquired 9 new clients to our exisiting portfolio of 36 dedicated clients. I am working with conditions such as Prenatal conditioningFibromyalgia, spinal arachnoiditis, Epstein Barr, relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis, Post ankle arthroplasty, Post Hip resurfacing, Post total knee replacement, and Post lumbar discectomy.

Moreover, I have noticed that  a select group of San Diego personal trainers are seeing  less clients than there were  two years ago. I have been told than many have dramatically reduced their rates to either keep or acquire clients. Also, I have discussed this situation with several personal training directors working at San Diego’s big box gyms. Memberships are down by 40% and personal training revenues also following suit.  This is unusual for this time of the year!  But given a 10% unemployment figure here in San Diego, this is probably par.

My recommendation for  fellow fitness trainers is to ramp up your marketing, take advantage of your down town and study other facets within the fitness industry and create a niche for yourself.  I believe like the large blue chip companies here in San Diego, only the strong will survive.   Like Qualcomm, who is constantly re creating the wheel, with reserve dollars, you need to do the same!

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