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San Diego Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman discusses excess post exercise oxygen consumption

Posted Jul 23 2012 11:13pm

I just finished a wonderful updated article discussing  EPOC and the underlying myth. EPOC is lay mans terms, means the excess energy expended at an elevated rate following exercise. Experts have always thought that EPOC translates to extra calories burned following your workout for several hours. Or the body heat afterglow. What a wonderful concept. Continue to burn a high amount of calories following a good workout!

The old data had shown researchers a correlation between EPOC and an elevated metabolism. hence you, the exerciser can continue to burn a ton of calories while your recovering from your workout! this sounds great to many people looking to lose weight and tone up, while disregarding what you put in your mouth.. Hmmm Especially if you love to eat junk or have difficulty with potion control.  This past research was previously done in 1997, by Laforgia and 2000 by Osterberg & Melby. I personally learned about EPOC in my beginning years as a Personal Trainer in San Diego

The latest research by Glen Kenny , a professor in the School of Human Kinetics, faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa , spent the last several years trying to decipher the theory of post exercise afterglow. He built a million dollar machine that measures heat loss from the body minute by minute. After testing a plethora of human subjects, he concluded that the fever like state the body feels post exercise, known as EPOC is simply an elevation of the body’s core temperature as a result of a very active cardiovascular system. And, this IS NOT  because the body is burning extra calories after exercise. He concluded the body always has difficulty with heat dissipation after exercise, because the immune system is vigorously repairing subtle tissue damage from intense exercise. So, for those who believe they are still burning calories after exercise, think again, especially if your using your exercise program as a tool for weight loss. Bummer.  So once again, calories in should never excessively exceed calories out. If you need the exercise and nutritional guidance to reshape your body, or achieve a higher level of physical fitness, be sure to contact the fitness team at Somagenesis Come visit our awesome web site, or call us at 760-271-3064.  And be sure to check out this informative short video about metabolism. All comments are welcome so don’t be shy… Thanks.

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