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San Diego Personal trainer discusses weight loss secrets, the industry doesn’t want you to know.

Posted Jan 21 2013 7:34pm

A  year ago today I weighed 200 lbs, with a body composition of 12%. Although I worked out every day in the gym for a minimum two hours , my bodyweight and body composition NEVER changed. It was then, that I decided to do a 180 degree shift to my nutrient intake, and I experienced a radical change in body weight, body composition and energy level. All very  positive and  life changing for me.

For many years, I was a skeptic of  the higher protein theory , until I made the appropriate nutrient swap. No more steel-cut oats or fruits for breakfast, but now, a delicious protein smoothie of equivalent calories. Lunch time was also a delicious protein smoothie with a nutritious side salad, versus a turkey or tunafish sandwich on whole wheat bread of the same caloric value. The only think that remained the same was my dinner, which consisted of 600- 700 calories of mixed nutrients. 30 days later and my body weight plummeted to a mere 175 lbs and 8.8% bodyfat.   In summary the 14oo calorie intake of primarily protein spurred my metabolism, while simultaneously spurring fat weight loss. What I learned and confirmed is that simply reducing ANY calories of ANY type will not cause the proper weight loss of fat. The human body will lose some retained water weight ,suppress its metabolism and catabolize what ever lean muscle you have. The end result is a skinny, but flabby physique… In addition your body weight will fluctuate like the ticker tape on the NY Stock exchange.This can be very stressful!  As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”… And, “garbage in equals garbage out”

For a great fat burning, high-octane protein product,that really works wonders, go to my website. and click on the product logo. You can also call me at 760-271-3064  if you need assistance.

Caloric expenditure through exercise: Performed alone,  calorie reduction through exercise is a self-defeating action, especially if your eating like a ravenous hyena after your workout!  Remember, you can NEVER out exercise excess caloric consumption. Contrary to what you read in Muscle and Fitness and Shape magazine, 20 sets of chest presses and bicep curls will not be the fsolution for weight loss. So don’t get caught up in this ridiculous mindset. A chiseled healthy body will always be made in the kitchen. The gym will define and refine what your proper food intake yields. The function of a credible personal trainer such as myself, is to guide you to the proper balance of food choices, exercise to induce a better metabolism, and  educate you on total body wellness to also include proper sleep and stress reduction.

Supplementation: There are few products that are not considered quackery . If you eat horribly, most supplements will have negligible effects on your physique. You may even gain bad weight!  Confer with your personal fitness trainer to help you find the right blood sugar stabilizers, protein products and vitamins customized for you.  Avoid all ergogenic aids such that will amp up your blood pressure, heart rate and body heat.  Ergogenics  are designed to enhance athletic performance,but also lead to adrenal fatigue,suppression, as well as a myriad of other health problems. Worst of all , ergogenics will suppress your metabolism and effect total kidney function.  So, it is critical you make smart choices for your own body. Just because you read something, doesn’t necessarily mean it is compatible for you.

In summary, weight loss is a very scientific and personal application. Proper testing and data analysis is needed to make the proper nutritional and exercise prescription. A credible personal trainer who specializes in weight loss is your best choice. Your weight loss personal fitness trainer can make or break your body rebooting and restructuring happen. For more information on personal weight loss programs. Go check out the weight loss trainer team at   Below is a great video advocating the high protein breakfast for weight loss by Dr. Gerhauser.  Enjoy and please share your thoughts and comments on my blog.


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