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San Diego Personal Trainer and Nutritionist discusses. Diet or Exercise for Weight Loss.

Posted Oct 28 2013 11:42pm

I you have struggled with losing weight in the past through hybrid diets or unconventional style of workouts, you understand this paradigm. Perhaps you have found a system that works for you. In short weight loss is determined by the number of calories that go into the body and then the number of calories that are expended through metabolism or exercise burn.  For many people it is impossible to out exercise a bad diet. Example to burn off 3000 calories in meals would require 4- 5 hours of intense working out! 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer isn’t going to burn off that Cinnabon you had for lunch! But Geez folks is it freaking worth it? And who has that amount of time.

I know I don’t, so I limit my intake, and always plan on at least a 100 minute workout session every day. But I am a San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer , and this is what I do!

Most people will tell you that diet is responsible for 80-90% of weight loss. This is only partially true. You can work out like a mad man or woman, but if your food intake isn’t in check, you will always look soft,round and unhealthy. Overall, both diet and exercise are equally important to weight loss success, as well as acquiring a lean healthy body composition . To validate my point, a new study was recently published the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Test subjects were divided into four (4) groups.

Group 1. Adjusted their diets first, than 4 months later added a strict exercise program.

Group 2. Started a strict exercise program, than 4 months later integrated a diet plan.

Group 3. Adjusted a diet and integrated a strict exercise program AT THE SAME TIME

Group 4.  Did absolutely nothing. This was the “Control Group”

So the researchers wanted to see which group would best comply with the regimens for 12 months.  And the winner was, Group 3 !!! (Those who did diet adjustment and strict exercise at the same time)

And as the Master trainer with Somagenesis Health and Fitness San Diego, I have had many successful clients lose weight when both diet and exercise are in check. If not, then weight loss is stymied.  I also lecture clients who focus on diet alone and lack the fitness prowess, how diet alone will SLOW YOUR METABOLISM.. Yes, this is a known fact. Moreover your weight loss with be from muscle and bone catabolism , not actual fat.

So people, get with the program. The entire program! If you need professional guidance, then don’t be shy. Hire a professional personal fitness trainer and nutritionist who can design you a personalized fitness program, get you on a consistent workout schedule, and help you make the necessary change to your food  intake to get on the road to health and wellness.

It’s what we do at Somagenesis Health and Fitness!   Amongst many other things. So please click on the Somagenesis link to get started today.

And please enjoy the enclosed video, which will surely bring back memories.


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