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San Diego Personal Trainer’s analysis on artificial sweeteners and obesity

Posted Aug 13 2012 10:29pm

I have read numerous articles regarding this hype in dozens of magazines. I’m skeptical at best. The research is flimsy, performed on lab rats, and suggests that sucralose, aspartame and stevia fool the brain to thinking its getting a sweet fix, and the body’s biochemistry will duplicate the chemical reaction of normal sugar. Another theory is that all artificial sweeteners cause the person to crave real sugar carbohydrate and indulge excess calories. This has been shown to lead to  pre diabetes , but then again, hasn’t  diabetes has been rearing its ugly head even before the advent of artificial sweeteners? So why blame the diet soda industry!.

My thoughts. Most if not all  personal trainers  consume protein drinks, energy drinks and protein bars on a daily basis, yet most are quite fit. I recently perused several of the local nutrition store her in  San Diego , looking for an protein powder that was free of artificial sweeteners. I would have to estimate 95% of the products have artificial sweeteners. Likewise when I searched for  protein bars .

So the question I have for those who believe that diet soda makes you fatter is, why isn’t there an army of obese  personal fitness trainers ?  Yes, majority of us train/ workout on a regular basis, but our consumption of artificially sweetened products in much high than the average person.

My personal theory isn’t that people allow themselves to binge on crappy foods, assuming that they can balance out the bad calories with a zero calorie soda.  Rather naive thinking in my opinion.I would like to hear others opinions please.

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