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San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer,discusses the world of non completer’s

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:17pm

It is very unlike me to gloat on the negative, since I consider myself a motivator by nature and high achiever in both my business and physical life.  This is without a doubt the reason why I am a Fitness Pro, coach and inspiration to those who choose to pursue the world of divine health and fitness.

Which leads me to the point of this post, the world of non-completer’s. A non-completer , is a person who wants to achieve the holy grail, but expects it to magically appear without and sense of strategy, discipline or dedication to get the action done. You can even show them the steps needed to achieve the given goal and thought of achievement frightens them to the point of aversion. Yes, the thought of success scares them!

These individuals will either e-mail me from the or call my business directly. They write and speak of how dire their dilapidated  physical life has become. They send out their personal SOS. Ironically, they are one’s to initiate a last minute cancellation of their first fitness evaluation and consultation. When a fitness pro attempts to reschedule the cancelled appointment, they will evade the phone call, by not calling back, ignore e-mails and simply drop off the face of the earth. Fitness pro’s often refer to this as the “Flake Factor”  I call this the non-completer syndrome. Success is very scary and change is too uncomfortable.

If I review my current client base of 29 men and women, there are some very distinct and cool traits that they all share, that  have made each and every one of them the high achievers in many aspects of their lives except fitness. They understand and don’t accept this imperfection, and therefore contacted my company Somagenesis Health & Fitness for guidance

1.They are all very well educated, either through the University, or through the school of hard knocks.

2. They are persistent to the point of obsessiveness, and thirst finality.

3. They seek personal perfection in themselves, and never settle for the status quo. They are perpetually growing!

4. They run there personal lives like their business. They are courteous, schedule everything in advance to enforce accountability,they never cancel at the last minute, unless there is a legitimate emergency they are faced with.

5. They are always very respectful, polite and thankful for services rendered. The low man on the totem pole gets equal respect and attention as the man on top.

In my business, I am fortunate that I can pick and choose clients, that I know that I can impress upon.  Like the way people choose their dogs ( there is usually a commonality in appearance and personality, right!)   I gravitate towards the high achievers and they towards me!  We have become a magnetic group of fitness enthusiasts and businessmen…

Which brings me back to the world of non-completer’s.  It must be painful to see the greatness of their peers, all knowing that their mindset will always sabotage any dreams and aspirations that they have.  I thank God, I am built differently!

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