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San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer asks: Are You Really Too Busy?

Posted Nov 07 2011 9:54pm

” I just don’t have the time to work out.. My life is too busy!”

Do you fall into this mind trap?  Do you throw in the towel on your diet and exercise, due to the demands of your busy life?  Is health and fitness your lowest priority? Perhaps your job or business has taken over your life. or your family fills every gap in your down time schedule, leaving you no time for exercise. Perhaps when things change in your life, and everyones needs are met, you might be able to focus on much needed exercise.  The big problem , is that its your body that is wearing out, and one day you will look at your frumpy body is dismay, and wonder , “How did this happen to me!” Our bodys are in a continuous state of aging , which translates into fat accumulation, sagging tissue pointing south, and numerous associated health problems. Inactivity only accelerates this natural, but unfortunate morphosis.

Daily exercise is a commitment, its true! A huge commitment at that. And in a world where we are already over committed to family, friends, work, school, upcoming holiday parties etc, its hard to perceive fitting in one more commitment. But what about your commitment to your overall health and wellness? It should be the last commitment to be put on the back burner!  Eventually life will fizzle you out, and you will be emotionally worthless to others.  Getting yourself  immersed in exercise, should become your good personal addiction. Something you cannot life without.  Your life will become abbreviated without it, and you will lose energy, strength and vigor.

Even as a fitness professional , I have struggled with finding time to exercise. Although my typical client schedule exceeds 14 hours, I build my  daily work schedule around my personal workout schedule. I devote 90 minutes per day to exercise. After all, I would feel pretty crappy, training others, seeing them progress while my body digresses. I find exercise a wonderful stress reducer, a natural energizer, often exceeding the adrenaline high of caffeine. I am addicted to good health and fitness!

Overall,  desire, discipline and time management are the keys to health and fitness success. After 12 years of working with individuals of various personalities, I have learned personality is a driving force to physical and financial success.  And those who are accountability challenged hire personal fitness trainers to lock them into accountability.  This way, their exercise schedule cannot be easily blown off if the personal trainer is waiting for them.  Along the same line, if a personal fitness trainer is not affordable for you, then consider getting a workout partner and split the cost. Or perhaps just have a training partner to workout with you, without a trainer.  Again, its all about creating accountability for yourself and reinforcing your commitment to fitness.

How the non-exercsing population can thrive without regular fitness in their lives, is a mind blowing  thought, especially after seeing so many of my clients transform their minds and bodies over the months and years.  Anyway, in summary we are all responsible for our successes and failures. We at Somagenesis Health and Fitness are about creating WINNERS. If you want to learn more about the recipe for health and fitness success, then visit our Award Winning Website , for tips, videos and our contact information.  And last but not least, check out the awesome video below. It pertains to the art of winning, by the famous Anthony Robbins!

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