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San Diego personal fitness trainer achieves great results at one month IsaGenix milestone.

Posted Oct 10 2012 6:46pm

Pardon the delay in this posting. It is a busy time of the year for Somagenesis Fitness San Diego . And forlorning the holiday fat syndrome is on everyone’s minds. It has been 30 days since I began the IsaGenix 30 day kickstart weight loss program. I have to admit I am  very surprised on how easy the IsaGenix weight loss system has been. The weight loss is a bonus for me, however trimming off unwanted inches off my waist has made the biggest difference for me.  I lost several inches all around including my face, and as we fitness professional all know that you cannot spot reduce. Yes, my arms, chest and legs lost girth, but appear more defined and youthful,  but most remarkably, my waist line has dropped from 33 inches to 30 inches. All my jeans are super baggy, and  hang on me like ghetto pants. My one month weight loss total is a substantial 30 pounds, and my overall body composition has settle in at a nice 7.5% body fat. Which is considered very lean. My previous body fat was 12% which was considered athletic.

IsaGenix meal planning has been super easy. Two meal replacements shakes per day, coupled with chocolate IsaSnacks at 25 calories every 3 hours.  I ate this way for Breakfast, and Lunch.  Then ate a 600 calorie healthy meal for dinner. My total daily caloric intake averaged 1200 calories. The difficult part was amping my exercise program to six, sometimes seven times per week. My IsaGenix Mentor Sherry Catlin thought it was unorthodox and crazy regimen, but I was on a mission!  My goal was to incinerate at least 1300 calories through exercise to accelerate the fat loss process. I personally need to see results fast to keep me motivated.  At the end of the day, I had a substantial caloric deficit as I previously consumed 2200 calories per day, with what I considered a low carbohydrate, clean diet.  So the difference in food calories was as follows:  Pre-diet calories 2200 – IsaGenix calories 1200 = 1000 less calories consumed per day. 

From a exercise point of view, my previous exercise caloric burn averaged  600 calories per day, compared to my Isagenix calorie burn which averages 1300 calorie per day. So while on the Isagenix meal plan, I burned an extra 700 calories per day. If you do the math.

1000 calories less consumed + 700 extra calories burned through exercise, = 1700 extra calories expended per day, or 1/2 pound loss per day. BUT I lost 1 pound per day. How can this be if it takes 3600 calories to lose 1 pound of unwanted body weight?  This tell me that Isagenix products upregulate your metabolism so the user can continue to metabolically burn extra calories. And, second of all I don’t believe in the 3600 calorie weight loss theory .  This  added wight loss poses a advantage for the IsaGenix user. Compared to other diets like weight Weight Watchers , Medifast , LA Diets , Nutrisystem , which also severely restrict caloric intake, but  suppress your metabolism thereby making weight loss challenging and frustrating.

In summary, I would have to Give I saGenix two thumbs up, for creating an awesome product that not only works very well, is also very easy to integrate in your busy lifestyle, and really tastes great compared to all other weight loss products out there. I will continue on the IsaGenix for a few more months, but with a slight tweak in my caloric intake. IsaGenix clearly spell out for you metabolically healthy meal plans to assist in continued weight loss, while bumping up calories.  And, I just wanted to say, I am a Personal Fitness Trainer , and not a sales rep for IsaGenix. I simply wanted to try this product, as I have 2 clients who opened my leery eyes about IsaGenix, and I simply wanted to evaluate the product.  But never forget, weight loss through dieting alone never sticks or happens fast without a well designed fitness program. For more information on weight loss and fitness go to , and sign up for your complimentary consultation.

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